Midtown Plaza Complex

Owner: Empire State Development Corporation
Location: Rochester, NY
Facility Type: Multi-use complex consisting of a 19 story tower, five 6-7 story office buildings, 2 story mall and 3 level underground parking garage
Project Descriptions: Asbestos and hazardous materials abatement and complete gutting of a 2.5mm sq. ft. commercial complex scheduled for demolition.


  • 34.1 Million Dollar Environmental Remediation Project
  • Project schedule of 14 months from the Notice to Proceed to final completion
  • Midtown Plaza Complex consisted of commercial buildings totaling 2.5mm sq. ft.
  • Tower, mall and office buildings contained 1.5mm sq. ft. of ACM spray-on fireproofing.
  • Cambria self performing 60% of the work
  • Site located in the center of the City of Rochester
  • Environmental remediation of hazardous and non-hazardous materials through-out the entire site.